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New subtitle: Bitter Souls. And screenshots! 9.2.2006

The subtitle of Episode II has changed. It is now called Bitter Souls, instead of Black Superstitions.
I've been working a lot on the mod recently, but I don't want to write a progress report for the time being. I've posted some screenshots instead, you can see them in a thread on Episode One's forum. (Episode II doesn't have a forum yet.)


Progress report 21.5.2005

Second major area (a mine) & quests finished, mod's Chapter 1 finished with all of its areas, quests, dialogues, encounters, creatures, items and spells.


Progress report 20.10.2004

First major area (a village) & quests finished, most of the main storyline, characters, and areas finished, first creatures added to the second major area (a mine).

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