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About the Bitter Souls mod
Not good news about release date -- read on forum

Location, dwellers, reputation

Where does it take place? I won't tell anything about it. The most of the plot, if not all of it, will happen in a "closed community". This means a lot of unusual things. For example: if you kill innocents, your game Reputation will not go down (for the time being?) because the news about your acts won't spread outside these areas. However, your acts and behavior will obviously have consequences in this place -- and not immediately! (Example: You kill someone. Flaming Fist won't appear here. You might forget the whole thing. Later, you might meet a man who is the relative of the person you've slain. He will recognize and may attack you.) In this topic, a small surprise is prepared as well, which you will experience at the end of the mod.

The mod's start point, length and difficulty
The mod will be unusual in this aspect as well. It starts immediately after Gorion's death, so basically at the beginning of the game.

However, if you don't want to start a new game, you still can install and play Bitter Souls at any time, without any changes on the mod.
You will just have to visit the southern part of the area where Gorion died, and talk to a person there (he will initiate dialogue with you). Bitter Souls can be finished with level 1-3 characters, thus with a few items etc. as well, i.e. if you have just started a new game, and start the quest immediately in morning of Gorion's death!

I really can't estimate its gametime yet... I will try to give a minimum: 4 hours.

Riddles, other unusual features
I don't want to reveal much about this either. This is all I'll tell: there will be several unusual situations (even battles!), where your weapons and character levels won't count. For instance, you might have to use your knowledge about AD&D weapons, or the information you remember from previous dialogues of the mod.

Compatibility, size, possible release date(s)
There will be a Baldur's Gate version (TotSC will be required!) and a BG1Tutu version.
What about its size? New graphics, bigger mod -- I think it can be over 30 MB but I have NOT estimated this yet so don't consider this is an "official" information.
Release date: unknown.



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