Trained Wolf
Episode Three









1. Is this mod compatible with other mods?
Yes, if the mod installation guidelines are complied with. It is generally true that you should always install non-WeiDU mods first, and then WeiDU-based mods such as The Grey Clan Episode One. If you have further questions about this or if you encounter any problem, feel free to post your problem in Episode One's forum.
2. Do I need TotSC if I want to play the mod's BG edition?
Yes, Tales of the Sword Coast is required. The mod won't work (properly) if you don't have TotSC.
3. I'm new to Baldur's Gate. Is this a hard mod?
Yes, this mod is quite complex, and has difficult battles, especially if you play (at least) on middle difficulty level (core rules). It is not recommended to beginners.
4. I think that the mod's NPCs are overpowered.
It isn't a question, but you may have a point there. I don't think that they are overpowered, but the mod undoubtedly doesn't follow the core rules. The primary goal was to make a very enjoyable and exciting addition. I think that this is the most important.
5. The mod's battles are too hard for me. Any tips?
You should check these hints, and if they don't help, you can visit The Grey Clan Episode One Forum and post your problem there. You will be helped sooner or later. Additionally, if you don't mind spoilers, you can take a look at the other pages as well in the Extras section.
6. How much time is needed to finish this mod?
Between one and 2.5 hours (including subquests), depending on your playing style and gaming skills (or difficulty level).
7. How does this mod connect to the second episode of The Grey Clan?
The first episode, In Candlelight, introduces an aspect of the Grey Clan's world and background. Episode II does the same, so they can be played independently of each other, and it doesn't harm the continuity of the story. The plot will reach its culmination in Episode III.
8. I also heard of Grey Clan Episode One: Last Breath of the Past. Is it an older version?
Yes, it is an old version, which is entirely different from In Candlelight. It has known bugs, and its content is much smaller as well. It is not supported any more, so you cannot download it from the Grey Clan site (and it shouldn't be available anywhere else).

Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal are © Bioware Corp. The Grey Clan series are © Baronius. The Grey Clan series are unofficial mods for Baldur's Gate, neither authorised or sponsored by, nor licensed or affiliated with Interplay Productions, Black Isle Studios or BioWare Corporation.