Trained Wolf
Episode Three









General hints

In Candlelight is a complex and difficult mod. Some hints for playing:
  • The mod's plot will start when you talk to General Jedyan. He can be found near the Tower of Ramazith, in the city of Baldur's Gate.
  • This is Episode One, so the story doesn't entirely end when you finish the mod. If you are not sure if the battle/dialogue/etc. you just finished is meant to be the end of the mod, check your journal. The latest journal entry will make it obvious.
  • Pay attention to the content of dialogues and journal entries.
  • Examine the corpse of every enemy. Even the most unsignificant bandit might have carried something useful or important.
  • Use the abilities of your Thief and/or invisibility potions to explore the unknown parts of hostile areas.
  • Don't attack Flaming Fist members, it will interrupt the plot.
  • Keep in mind that the members of the Flaming Fist will assist you in any battle, so if the enemy is too powerful, try to lure it to the Fist's forces if they are present in the area. Beyond the members of the Fist, other neutral creatures might also help you.
  • The major battles can be extremely difficult, but each of them has one or more solutions. Check the message console of the game to notice the powers, resistances, weak sides etc. of your enemies. Use potions, wands, spells, dispel magic, ranged weapons... use a good tactic. If any of their members are nearby, and your enemies are in their sight, Flaming Fist will also assist you.
  • If you have ANY problem related to this mod, and you cannot solve it, please don't hesitate to visit the mod's discussion forum and tell what your problem is. Other players will surely join the discussion, and your problem will be sorted out.


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