Trained Wolf
Episode Three









Summary of features
  • Three editions are available, with the same content: one for BG1 (TotSC is required), one for EasyTutu/BG1Tutu, and another for BG Trilogy-WeiDU
  • Each edition offers two installation choices: Normal Edition and Lite Edition. The latter one has slightly easier battles.
  • Estimated game time: 1.5-2.5 hours.
  • WeiDU-based installer: full compatibility with other standard WeiDU-based mods. In common parlance, this is a "WeiDU mod". If you are a modder, you can check the technical manuals.
  • First episode of a trilogy: the story is an aspect of the Grey Clan's world.
  • Solid expansion: no miscellaneous, non-cohesive modifications and additions on your game.
  • You don't have to start a new game, you can install this mod at any point of the game, but exceptions are possible in case of the EasyTutu/BG1Tutu and BGT-WeiDU editions. Please check the readme files for more information.
  • Brand-new quests: one main quest, with several subquests.
  • Difficult battles: some battles are extremely challenging.
  • New items: magical weapons and armour.
  • Enemies: bandits, undead, golems, sorcerers, wizards... one of them with a brand-new soundset.
  • Attacking mod-critical characters will interrupt the mod's plot.
Introduction to the story

An elite soldier of a secret unit of Duke Eltan encountered some ruffian-looking people who were running out from a house. He blocked their way, and since they didn't surrender, he killed them. It was a robbery, no doubt. It happens often. He examined their gear, and beside some gold pieces (probably taken from the house) he found no money but a map. He reported the case to his superior Lord Jusam, who showed the map to Tergius the Sage. The old man examined the dusty and torn paper, checked the illustrations and legend. Jusam knew from his glance at once: balance is in great peril, increasing with each passing moment.

The map was a perfect operational plan of a siege, and the soldiers were half-ogres... half ogres who otherwise live in unorganized small tribes and fight each other... Members of the elite unit gathered, and Jedyan, the leader of the unit, ordered an immediate and intensive intelligence activity.



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