Trained Wolf
Episode Three



Battles (spoilers!)
1. Battle near the Hall of Wonders

Six bandits and the Tattooed Man are your enemies. Let Jusam slay them if you don't want to get hit. Make sure to avoid the Tattooed Man, he is too powerful in melee combat. Use arrows. Don't let any of the bandits escape if their morale goes down, it will be difficult to find him in this large area.

2. Battle in the house taken by the bandits

The ground floor of the house should be no match for your character(s). However, when you go upstairs, be careful: Bloody Jim and Gartuffe are very dangerous in melee. Jusam and his soldiers will arrive as soon as your dialogue with the bandits ends. Let the Flaming Fist Elite do its job. Avoid Gartuffe and Bloody Jim, use invisibility potions if needed.

3. Battle against the Undead Knights at the walls of the Friendly Arm Inn
Publius Dawnbringer is the most powerful in its undead form (as well) , but the other two knights are also as strong as Skeleton Warriors. Use your best warrior(s), or just lure them to Talibehius or Tergius.

4. Battle against the Ogres at the stairs of the Friendly Arm Inn
Make sure to remain unseen by the group of bandits (including the Ogre Mage) at the entrance of the Temple. Use ranged weapons and spells. Summon creatures if you can, to prevent the Ogres from attacking your characters.

5. Battle at the entrance of the Temple in the Friendly Arm Inn
The guards will fall very quickly. The Ogre Mage is immune to normal weapons, and very powerful in melee. However, his HP is quite low. Use enchanted weapons, possibly ranged weapons. Summon creatures if you can, to occupy the Ogre Mage. Don't forget to deal with the hostile bandits as well, they are constantly fireing arrows which can be annoying while fighting the Ogre Mage. Of course if you don't mind walking through the half of the area, you can also lure the Ogre to Talibehius or Tergius.

6. Battle against Grachus
Grachus is one of the most dangerous enemies. It is quite hopeless to face him while the Wind Horrors and the animated dead are assisting him. The Wind Horrors are extremely fast and powerful. The Undead have a lot of hit points, but they are slow. Moon Horrors are dangerous to your summoned creatures mainly, having a lot of hit points and magical arrows.
You should go there only with one character to initiate dialogue with Grachus, and leave the most of the party behind. This one character drinks Potions of Magic Protection (and preferably someone from your party has Arrows of Dispelling), so due to the Magic Resistance, Grachus can't paralyse him/her by releasing his Black Tattoos when the battle starts. From this point, there are several solutions to continue with.
One possible way: since Grachus won't follow your party probably, you can lure just the wind horrors, and while running, you can decrease their (low) HP with various ranged attacks and spells. They will fall sooner or later. Certainly your character must be Hasted or wearing boots of speed, otherwise the Horrors will cause deadly injuries to him/her. Then you can return to Grachus, with lots of summoned creatures, and lots of ranged attackers and magically protected characters.
Other possible way from the battle's start, when Wind Horrors attack you: lure them to Tergius. The mage will make fried horrors from them.
Protect your own characters, and dispel the protections of Grachus. By the way, if you are good and patient enough, you can lure Grachus to Tergius as well -- and Tergius will assist you in the fight. Any of the neutral creatures (the dwarves if they are still there, Damien, Talibehius) in the area will also help you if they notice enemies attacking your characters. However, Grachus will summon additional Moon Horrors if you force him to face any of these allies!

7. Battle against Reufasio in the first level of the Friendly Arm Inn
Reufasio has low HP, attack him as intensely as you can. Summon creatures if you can. He can eliminate your characters with Flesh to Stone, but the only real problem can be his Lightning Bolts . They bounce everywhere and can easily kill any character. Don't let him cast his spells, interrupt his spellcasting with your attacks.

8. Battle in the top level of the Friendly Arm Inn
High Sorceress Linda has Magical Alacrity, and thus she can cast a lot of spells in a short time. Commander Greyfist is dangerous in melee combat.
When the dialogue ends and the bandits turn hostile, you shouldn't have more than one visible characters in this level. Make this character invisible too, and go to a room, where they can't see you. Then come up with a magically protected (Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Mirror Image, Shield etc.) spellcaster character and surprise them with Cloudkill(s) and/or Fireball(s), use wands if needed. After casting a spell, you must leave the area (or make yourself invisible), so make sure to prevent the character from being surrounded by the bandits, and don't forget about the High Sorceress either. Repeat the Fireballs/Cloudkills as many times as needed/possible. They won't have too much HP left, so now you can use your other characters as well, but make sure to occupy the Sorceress with summoned creatures or protected characters. Otherwise, she will kill your party members very quickly.
If you can't use the tactic above, you can also do the following: lure the bandits to the door of the room where your character is hiding (you can sneak here with more characters as well), but make sure to remain unseen by the Sorceress. You can kill the bandits in the door, one by one. This tactic can be combined with the first one. Another alternative is to use the latter tactic immediately at the beginning of the battle: your entire party should come up, and when the dialogue ends, you should move to the nearest room quickly. The Sorceress won't be able to attack you, and you can kill the bandits one by one.

9. Battle in Teven's luxury suite
It is possible but not easy to win the final battle without losing any of the party members.
You need magic resistance (scroll, potion) on a warrior such as Minsc, good THAC0, Arrows of Dispelling. The rest of the party should be moved to the 'bottom left' (southwest) corner of the room except one character who should get magic resistance: when Petrarca teleports there, she will keep casting spells on this protected character (provided the character is the nearest creature to her). Meanwhile: Minsc should attack Octavia with Arrows of Dispelling and then with Acid Arrows -- meanwhile he must be running round all the time to avoid Teven's attacks. One or more spellcasters of your party should summon creatures (spell, wand) meanwhile, so if Teven decides to attack another party member, he won't be able to reach the character and will keep slaying the summoned creatures.
The Sorceresses are protected by powerful magical shields, so it's very difficult to hit them with any weapon, keep fireing arrows. Teven will be an easy enemy once the sorceresses are dead, however, make sure not to attack him in melee combat. Power Word Kill seems to bypass the shield made by the Protection from Magic Scroll, so use potions on your main warrior who faces High Sorceress Octavia.

Here is a tactic that might be useful in the BGTutu edition of the mod. A player has written it on the mod's forum. It is as follows:
My Bounty Hunter Imoen with her 'special' traps made quick work of the sorceress', laid a nice field of traps in the route that they usually took when approaching the party, then tossed a special trap, (they can be thrown) down at them it went off they started walking toward me setting off more traps as they went and hitting Teven at the same time, he was badly injured by the time he reached the party, then just engage him with melee MMM and MM's from Indra and Dynaheir.
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