Trained Wolf
Episode Three










This is just a short walkthrough. These maps can help you a lot while reading it. They are also available for download. All of the important creatures and places are marked on the maps.

The walkthrough doesn't describe how to solve the (sub)quests precisely, or how to win the battles. You can find a lot of information about these in the Battles and Quests subsections. Optional subquests/actions are marked with an asterisk (*).

  1. Go near the Tower of Ramazith and find General Jedyan (map1).
  2. Talk to General Jedyan. Then he leaves.
  3. Find Jusam near the Hall of Wonders (map2). Talk to him.
  4. Accept his offer and join Jedyan's organization. A group of bandits appears and attacks you.
  5. Kill all of the six bandits, and cause enough damage to the Tattooed Man to make him cast his Dimension Door. Talk to Jusam. A Flaming Fist spy appears and brings news about their captured soldier.
  6. Go to the house taken by the bandits. It's in the same district of the city where Entar Silvershield lives. A dying man is in front of the house (map3).
  7. Enter the house, and kill the bandits on the ground floor. Go upstairs.
  8. When the battle ends, talk to the injured Flaming Fist spy. Save her with a cure spell of a priest or by giving her a Potion of Healing.
  9. Talk to Jusam. Then he leaves.
  10. Travel to the Friendly Arm Inn. Wait until the cutscene ends.
  11. *Find Talibehius (map4). You can talk to him if you wish. Don't provoke a fight, it would be fatal. Talibehius remains here, you can always lure any of your enemies to him.
  12. Find Tergius (map4). (You can omit this and do it later as well, but the best is to do it at this point.) He is said to be the most powerful wizard of the Flaming Fist, lure your enemies to him if a battle proves to be too hard, or if you just don't want to fight.
  13. *Find the knights of the Order of the Most Radiant Heart (map4). They are talking to two bandits. When you are close enough to them, a dialogue & cutscene triggers. When the battle ends. Pick up the keys from the gear of the dead bandits. Go and talk to Tergius, and choose from the new dialogue options (tell him what you have seen).
  14. *Find Fundor Balorslayer (map4), kill Tobordur the Half-Ogre and take the key from his gear. Talk to Fundor Balorslayer, and take up the quest. The dwarves will assist you in combat if you lure any of your enemies to them.
  15. *Find Damien (map4). Take up the quest to find his wife. He also gives you a key. Damien and his fellows will fight if you lure your enemies to him.
  16. Go to the inner area of the Friendly Arm Inn. Two stone golems are guarding the gate.
  17. *Enter the nearest house to the gate (map4). Save Lucy from the bandit. Talk to her after the bandit dies. Take the key from the bandit. Leave the house.
  18. *Go northwest, kill the Half-Ogre if you want, and enter the house (map4). Wait until the cutscene ends, kill Boris and Pumpkin. Take the key from the gear of Boris. Leave the house.
  19. Go to the Temple (map4) and kill the Ogre Mage and any bandits who stand in your way.
  20. *Enter the Temple. When the dialogue with Captain Ignas ends, talk to Felicia and take up the quest to save Charles. Talk to Robert, and tell him that you have saved his nephew Lucy (or take up the quest to save Lucy, and do 18.). Leave the temple.
  21. Enter the building of the Friendly Arm Inn (map4). You find yourself in a trap. Don't attack the Crystal Servant. Talk to Hertuk. When the dialogue ends, Tergius will teleport you out.
  22. Hertuk says that he is going to search for the Crystal. He goes southeast and slays some bandits (map4). Don't care about him. Find and defeat Grachus at the stairs of the Friendly Arm Inn building (map4). Take the Red Crystal from his gear.
  23. *Take the Golden Helm from the gear of Grachus. Go to Fundor Balorslayer (map4) and give the helmet to him.
  24. Enter the Friendly Arm Inn again. Defeat Reufasio in the first level.
  25. *Take the Stone to Flesh scrolls from the gear of Reufasio.
  26. *Find and save Charles in the first level (map5).
  27. Go to the second level.
  28. *Find and free Mary in the second level (map6). Don't let any bandit shatter her statue.
  29. Go to the third level. When the dialogue ends, defeat the High Sorceress and the bandit leaders. Find and take the Scroll with the Verse of the Dark Shadow from a dead bandit leader.
  30. *Take the Mold Golem Scroll from the gear of High Sorceress Linda.
  31. Leave the building of the Friendly Arm Inn. There are Flaming Fist soldiers everywhere.
  32. *Enter the Temple (map4) if you have saved Charles.
  33. *Go to the Mold Golem (map4). Insert the six keys into the Golem in the order written in the Mold Golem Scroll. When the golem gets destroyed, pick up the appearing magical items.
  34. *Go to Damien (map4) if you have saved (or killed) Mary.
  35. Go to Tergius (map4) to tell him your good news. Show him the Scroll with the Verse, he tells you how to interpret it as an encoded message. You don't have to talk to him if you don't want to. Go to the town of Beregost.
  36. Find Dervanto in front of Feldepost's Inn (map7). When the dialogue ends, he teleports you to Teven's luxury suite.
  37. When the dialogue ends, Lady Adalbert casts a spell and you wake up in the other corner of the room. Prepare to the final battle. Defeat both of the Sorceresses, and take a wardstone from them.
  38. *Defeat Teven.
  39. Leave the area by talking to the Stone Golem who asks the wardstone.
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